Wednesday, March 18, 2015

American Men and Feminism

I have encountered on the Internet and elsewhere a very poisonous attitude. Coming from men whom their wives left them, the claim is that liberalism is destroying America or the Western Civilization. This claim is wrong.

In all situations where there is any kind of controversy, there is both danger and opportunity. The best thing about American thinking is that it looks for opportunities; and this is what I would suggest to these men. A solvent, responsible, non-violent American man is a world prize. There are all sorts of women around the world who would do anything to be with a man like that. Which means that, if he truly embodies American thinking, he would see this situation as an opportunity rather than something destructive.

An inter-cultural mix makes winners of both the men and the women who are willing to be good to the other gender. For American men, this means opportunity unmitigated. The American men are some of the best men in the world. And an American man who is solvent, responsible and non-violent is an international prize.

If some woman leaves such a man, he is probably better off without her anyway. Unappreciative brats are a dime a dozen. But also a dime a dozen are good, kind, beautiful women who in their home societies would have nothing to look forward to besides poverty and brutality.

My advice to disappointed American men is to go for foreign women. Chances are, he would be a much better husband than what they stand to face in their own countries. And that creates an opportunity – an opportunity for the foreign woman to get a better life, and an opportunity for the American man to have a better life with a woman who would appreciate him and treat him accordingly.


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