Thursday, October 13, 2016

Against Islam. Knowingly.

There are many who see those who militate against Islam as being bigots or hate-mongerers. While some are just that, there are any number of others who know exactly what they are talking about. I am against Islam, and I am against Islam knowingly.

Belief systems are judged by their effects on the character of those who adopt them – particularly their transformative effects. If someone as a result of adopting a belief system goes from being a bad person to being a good person, then that speaks in favor of the belief system. If someone as a result of adopting a belief system goes from being a good person to being a bad person, then that speaks against the belief system.

Mohammad, as a result of inventing Islam, went from being a good person to being a bad person. He started out as an honest, intelligent, truth-seeking person; he became a tyrant and a pedophile. Whereas Paul, as a result of following Christ, went from being a bad person to being a good person. The first speaks against Islam. The second speaks in favor of Christianity.

I've read the Quran. It is most definitely powerful writing. Most of the book goes on about how great heaven is and how terrible hell is. Then there is that little bit promising boys in heaven. My response to that is as follows. I do not want boys in heaven; nor do I want to know anybody who does.

According to some Christians I know, the angel who gave Mohammad the Quran was not Angel Gabriel but Angel Lucifer. From what we are told about Satan, he says things that are technically true but mean something totally different from what you would expect it to mean. They expect to get 72 virgins in heaven. They will get them all right. The problem is, they all will be male and gay.

Does saying such things make me a hate-mongerer? Not at all. Hate-mongering is shouting “kill the Jews” or “hang em ni**ers” or “women are evil” or “men are rapists” or “slaughter propertied class.” I have no interest in killing anyone whatsoever. I seek to deconstruct rackets, whether they be a part of the Western civilization or whether they are found anywhere else in the world.

There were some Middle Eastern people demonstrating with signs that said, “No insulting our prophet, no terrorism.” I do not seek to insult, but I will call a spade a spade. A pedophile is a pedophile, and a tyrant is a tyrant. You want the truth, you got it. Your prophet is a pedophile and a tyrant, and there is nothing hypocritical or arrogant or imperialistic about saying this. You are absolute fools to have followed such a man.

A man who did not start out that way, but became that way as a result of practicing the belief structure that he invented and that you follow – to your ruin and to that of your countries.

Now there are any number of people who talk about good things having come out of the Muslim “civilization.” The correct response to that is, when you have a billion people living under a belief system, some of them will be smart; some of them will be talented; some of them will be wise; some of them will be good-hearted; and some of them will accomplish impressive things. Islam does not deserve credit for such things; Middle Eastern people do. There were great civilizations in Middle East before Islam, and the Middle Eastern people lost none of their talent even despite Islam. The credit for such things does not belong with Islam; it belongs with the Middle Eastern people.

Now the neo-conservatives wanted to use American military to promote democracy in the Middle East; but I believe that to be a mistaken approach. If people in the Middle East identify with Islam, they will use their votes to promote Islamic fundamentalism. The real solution is to reduce these people's identification with Islam. It is to reduce the influence of Islam. It is to return these people to their wiser and nobler roots and foster identification, not with a predatory religion, but with their region. A region that used to host the world's greatest civilizations but does nothing of the sort now.

Losing the Second World War was the best thing that could have happened to Germany. They were given a good political system, and they went from being the worst jerks in the world to some of its best citizens. The best thing that could happen to Middle East would be losing its present engagement with the United States and the rest of the world. That way they will be able to lose the grip of the people who've turned the Middle East from the greatest place in the world to its toilet. And they will be able to recover their greatness as well as gain real liberty.

I have no hatred at all for the people of Middle East, even though being Jewish I have the right to such hatred. I do not militate against Middle Eastern people; I militate against Islam. Of all the belief systems I've studied, it has probably the least wisdom. It had horrible effect on its founder. And it continues to have horrible effect on all sorts of people who follow it now.

Is everyone who calls himself a Christian a good person? By no means. There are plenty of jerks in Christianity. Most of these people practice what is known as phariseeism. They take parts that suit them and discard those that do not. A man who uses Christianity to control his wife, but fails to love her and honor her, is not being a true Christian, and anyone with actual knowledge of Christianity would call him on his sin.

We have seen many women coming from places like Iran to America converting to Christianity. Even the most bigoted among Christians are better to their wives than most people in Middle East. The CIA made a very big error in spreading Islam throughout Middle East as an alternative to Communism. They should have been spreading Christianity instead. It just might be possible to do the same now.


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