Friday, June 02, 2017

Happiness in God

God makes you light, and also makes you happy. He elevates you out of the snares that you have made for yourself and out of the snares of the world. He takes you into a place that we are meant to inhabit – the God-space, where we are what we are intended to be. All the falsehood and heaviness fall away. We are with the Creator. We are where we are supposed to be. There is no greater joy.
A being that has been created to serve God will find true happiness in serving God. There may be other sources of happiness, but none as reliable or as complete. I have had many experiences of happiness – love, parenting, successes, travels, friends, all sorts of beautiful experiences. But it is in following God that I found the greatest happiness of all. That is because in doing so I am doing what I am meant to be doing. And that leads to lasting happiness.
From God comes also the gift of wisdom. Wisdom is the best thing for which one could ask. Not only does it make you more adept at fulfilling your wishes, but more importantly it makes you wish the right things. You get good at getting what you want, and you want things that are more rightful. There is no greater gift than wisdom.
Being with God builds strength, and strength builds courage. You are on the side of the greatest power in the Universe. Rather than being bound by fears, one becomes brave.
Pride goes away because one recognizes one’s better and learns of one’s limitations as he seeks to follow God’s commands. Competence and humility grow simultaneously as one fulfils different tasks at the same time as being challenged. One gets better at things at the same time as being put face to face with one’s vulnerabilities.
Passion is then directed at God and becomes a link to the divine.
Shallowness, selfishness – all these simply go away completely. The next person becomes a reflection of God. You look at the next person and see them for who they are, but more importantly for what they could be. They are no longer competitors or enemies or status symbols. They become your brothers and you treat them accordingly.

Christ makes you presentable before God. Christ teaches you what is missing in your character. In my case it has been quite a lot. Christ reaches out with compassion and then imposes discipline. What results is love that is tough to experience but whose result is a better you.


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