Sunday, June 11, 2006

Romantic poetry

Most of my poetry is romantic in theme, and combines feeling with insight.

I am of the belief that the dichotomy between feeling and thinking is a false one; that it is possible to both feel and think, and that doing so creates a complete (integrative) experience.

Given the nature of reason - as something that builds on premises - I see it as being possible to use reason either against feeling (thus creating emotional violence); or in conjunction with feeling (thus creating emotional expansion).

I have been finding it necessary at many times to suspend reason from its premises and let the feeling take over and understand it later, while letting the experience enrich my understanding and giving me knowledge that I would not have had if I had operated from the position of building upon existing premises.

I furthermore see that it is through combination of reasoning and emotion - experiencing from within; assaying from without; letting the two perspectives integrate - that full picture of a feeling, or (on another level) of a person or of a culture or of a mindset - can be created: One superior to the merely objective (which by itself tends toward coldness and cruelty) or to the merely subjective (which by itself tends toward lack of awareness of external effects).

But rather one that combines experience with observation - the internal with the external - and thus creates a more complete picture.

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