Saturday, March 21, 2015

Arguments of Islamofascists

A lot is being done by way of fighting Islamofascists; but not enough is being done by way of influencing the people in Middle East away from the arguments of Islamofascists. This is an effort toward that outcome.

First of all, Islamist ant-Americanism is simply wrong. America has been Middle East's savior. If not for America, they would be all practicing Communism; and if they were to be practicing Communism they wouldn't be able to be Muslims at all. Whereas with America as the top-dog country, they can be as Muslim as they want to be for as long as they aren't killing Americans or their allies.

Another argument out there is that the Westerners are cowards. I have to laugh at that. There are any number of people in the West who have amazing amounts of courage. These people are willing to risk a violent death fighting for freedom and democracy in the same way as there are people in Middle East willing to risk a violent death fighting for Islam. And since they are fighting military combatants and not peaceful market-goers, their courage goes a long further than the courage of most in Islam.

Also the Islamofascists claim that they have ethics or morals, and that the West does not. This is ridiculous. The Islamofascists kidnap children and save them into slavery. The Islamofascists send children to blow up marketplaces. The Islamofascists derive their moral authority from a pedophile who had sex with a 9-year-old child when he was 81. Whatever faults there are with the West, they are nothing comparable to what we see in the Middle East.

If writing this sends on me a fatwah, I do not care. I would be just as willing to die for liberty as these people are to die for Islam. And I hope that more people in the West have the maturity to make the same choice.


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