Monday, May 18, 2015

International Relationships and Western Civilization

On an Internet forum, there is a gentleman who claims that his wife leaving him to be with a black man is symptomatic of the decline of America and the Western civilization. My wife left me as well, to be with a man much older than me; but I do not see that as symptomatic of decline of anything.

In a free country, people will cross-influence one another all the time. For example my family, who are predominantly Jewish or atheist, were very unhappy when I became a Christian. The Jews and the blacks influence the white people; but the white people also influence the Jews and the blacks. The same is the case with both liberals and conservatives. Having lived for a long time in Virginia, as a child and a young adult, and having liberal political sympathies, I could not avoid the conservative influence. That some people who don't want the liberal influence are affected by it anyway, is simply the fact of life in a free country.

People will influence others, and the solution is to learn how to live with that fact of life. An even better solution is applying the thinking that made America great in the first place. The American looks for opportunities and learns how to make best out of bad situations. A solvent, responsible, non-violent American man is a world prize; and there are all sorts of good women around the world who would do anything to be with such a man.

America is not declining, and the Western Civilization is not declining. Instead, the successful methodologies responsible for both are being copied around the world. American conservatives got more of what they wanted than any group in history. America remains the world's greatest country. American system and American values are rising to global dominance. That the wives of some conservatives would find someone who is not a conseravtive attractive is their judgment. The good news is that they are not the only women in the world.

Iran, Russia, Ethiopia and any number of other countries are full of beautiful women who know how to treat a man right, and who in their countries have nothing to look forward to except poverty and brutality. The American man who is dissatisfied with what American women became as a result of feminism should be free to look toward these women. That way he will be giving someone a chance at a better life and giving himself a chance at a better life with a woman who is willing to treat him better. And by doing so, he will apply America's best values toward making something good out of a bad situation and improving his lot and that of another person.

Whining is un-American. So are oppression and rabble-rousing. America became great as a result of thinking that looks for opportunities. International relationships are a great opportunity for the American men, who are among the world's wealthiest and least violent. If your American wife has left you, look elsewhere around the world. Chances are, you will emerge with someone much better and who is much more willing to treat you well.


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