Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Life and Values

Happiness is a product of one's life and one's values being in accord. When one's life and one's values are in discord, there are two options besides being unhappy or a hypocrite. One is to bring one's life to accord with one's values; and the other is to bring one's values to accord with one's life.

As someone possessing of humanitarian values, I've taken the first road. I am moving into a humanitarian field: Aged care. And so far I like what I see.

Most people working in this field are women; and many of them are good women. The women at the organization where I'm doing my work assessment are all kind and compassionate people. A man who is not a bully or a misogynist finds positive interaction with these women. This is the case even, as in my case, he has no interest in having sexual relationships with them.

Certainly not everyone in the helping profession is good; and my former wife had horrible experiences with some other women in the field. But as a man who has no problem working for women, I am in a good position. I treat them well, and they treat me well. The result is everyone getting positive results.

People should gravitate toward those who are willing to be good to them rather than those who want to treat them like garbage. I've had both men and women treat me like garbage; and I've had to do a lot of brainwork to find my way away from these people and toward people who are willing to treat me well. I found out that much of what makes the difference is people's values. So now I gravitate toward people whose values are similar to my own and away from people whose values are not.

Some of the women in this field are physically attractive, and some others aren't. So far however I've mostly seen great personal qualities in all of them. Some of these women are what I would call saintly. They are kind, compassionate and excellent at what they do.

Happiness is a result of one's life and one's values being in accord; and my life has been most fulfilling when it most accorded with my values. I've had enviable periods in my life; but it is when I was doing work that was most meaningful to me that I have been the happiest. To all the people who want to make something of their lives, I suggest doing work that most accords with their values. That way they will be fulfilling themselves and in the process benefiting the world.


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