Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Russia and World Economy

Russian people excel at intelligence and education, and American people excel at business. This creates an obvious solution: Get American business with Russian brains.

When American business acumen got together with Chinese work habits, the result was a billion people rising out of poverty in three decades. While not all Russian people are as hard-working as the Chinese, many are exceptionally intelligent and well-educated. And that affords an obvious opportunity.

Russia should not rely on sale of basic commodities like the Congo. Russia should rely on the superior intelligence of its people in advancing science and technology. And the West should avail itself of these people's intelligence to enlist them in creating technological progress.

Places need to play on their strengths; and the true strength of Russian people is their intelligence. Russia is a resource-rich country; but they need to do better than being reliant on exports of raw materials like a third-world country. Russia's true contribution to the world is its intelligence. And it is by working with this that the best can be made both of Russia and of the world economy.


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