Thursday, January 07, 2016

Beauty and Reality

When something is exceptionally beautiful, it gets attacked. People see it as not being part of reality as they know reality to be. They look for ways to destroy it or invalidate it in order that things conform with their idea of what reality is. Some are even angry that such a thing exists because it has not been part of their life experience, and they think that there is some kind of deception involved.

I once knew a woman who had had a very beautiful and passionate relationship while she was at Caltech. People were trying to make it be thought invalid by claiming that she was anorexic at the time. She, for her part, was stating that relationships of that kind were not for life. Why would she think that? Probably because she had been taught that such things are not part of reality. It existed; it happened; it was real. Yet she was so attached to what had been drilled into her head to be reality that she was trying to invalidate it or to forget that it had ever happened.

This also leads to problems in the lives of people who have much beauty to offer. People want them, but they also believe what they have to offer to not be part of reality - to be some kind of fraud or manipulation. This results in people getting with them and then becoming abusive while being with them.

Of course beautiful things are very much part of reality. Just go to Yosemite Park or view the works of Monet. Similarly it is part of reality now in case of any number of women, particularly artistic women. My former wife made a painting called "The Beauty's Torment" featuring a butterfly in a jar. People want it; they are angry at it or suspicious of it because it is not what they think to be reality. And this makes misery for everyone.

People need to realize that beauty can very much be a part of reality if people strive for it and work to make it reality of their lives. The human world is what people make of it; and beauty becomes part of the real world when people make it a part of the real world. Reality and beauty are not opposite to each other. Reality can be beautiful too. It takes a determined effort to spread beauty and make beauty an integral part of the reality of the world.


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