Monday, August 15, 2016

Astrology and Generations

Many people regard astrology as a pseudo-science or worse; but I have definitely seen astrology make very precise descriptions. One of these concerns generational character. There are two generational significators: Neptune and Pluto. The first describes the dreams and ideals of a generation. The second describes its actual character.

The World War II Generation had Neptune in Virgo and Pluto in Cancer. They dreamed of creating a great technological civilization; but really they were about family, prosperity and nationalism. This had both positive and negative outcomes, with World War II generation taking like fish to water both to Hitler and to FDR. Across the world, and across ideologies, they wanted to build strong countries and raise strong families. Like all generations they thought that their way would last forever; and like all generations on this they were wrong.

The baby boomers had Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo. They dreamt of peace and love; but really they were about self-assertion. After their original attempts at peace and love failed, they came to believe in self-esteem and self-love, and some came to believe that people make their own reality and that everything that happens to people is their doing. For this they are described as “the me generation” and are accused of generational narcissism. There is some merit to this; the matter however does not end there. The more idealistic-minded – most Neptune-oriented – among baby boomers continued believing in peace and love; and some have been able to develop workable ways to actually make peace possible, including striving in business for win-win scenarios, creating world peace through international trade, and attempting, as did Bill Clinton, to constantly find common ground among quarrelling parties.

Generation X have Neptune in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. Their art was dark, being into grunge, vampires and goth, and it was seen as trendy and intelligent in that generation to be cynical, negative or nihilistic. But really they are about work, responsibility and technology; and their most lasting positive legacy has been their vast contribution to the computer industry. Having their Pluto in the same place in which the World War II had its Neptune, they look up to the World War II generation. They tend to be contemptuous of anything emotional or intuitive and think that they are rational and responsible and that nobody else is. On economic issues they tend to be conservative-minded, whereas on social issues they tend to be repressive on both the Left and the Right. They have among their members any number of people with fascist tendencies – whether it be people embracing neo-Nazism and anti-semitism or followers of Andrea Dworkin and Catherine McKinnon. On the up side, they tend to be stable, responsible and hard-working; which vindicates them against those in the baby boom generation who thought that they would be forever a generation of losers.

My generation has Neptune in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra. Our ideals are religious, and my generation is full of fanatics of all kinds. But what we really are about is what the boomers dreamed about. Our generational purpose is to rebuild relationships, improve culture and implement workable solutions for peace. The ideals of baby boomers are our deepest reality.

The generation now in their 20s have Neptune in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio. They dream of wealth, careers and empires; but they are really about passion, insight and scrutiny. They have so far shown great enthusiasm for fighting corruption and have created organizations such as the Anonymous hackers collective to fight corrupt practices all across the board. There is a revolutionary sentiment in that generation, which some take in the direction of socialism and others in the direction of fascism. This generation has the potential to become exceptionally powerful.

I write this not only to put down my thoughts about generations. I write this because I, as an educated person who started out as an atheist, have seen astrology work. I highly recommend that more people look into astrology. They may discover that it is not a pseudo-science or Satanism. And they may also develop insight into some things that they did not previously know.


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