Friday, August 12, 2016

On Humility

C.S. Lewis wrote that true humility is not smart men thinking themselves stupid or pretty girls thinking themselves ugly, but rejoicing in the next person's success as much as they would in their own.

I can live with that definition of humility.

For a long time I was regarded by many people as being arrogant. For this reason I did not regard humility as a virtue. I realize now that my problem was not with humility but with the abusive and bullying manner in which it is taught. Abuse does not create humble people. It creates mean people who get their jollies in life by bringing other people down.

Whereas true humility comes from such realizations as that there are other people with positive qualities and that one has not created the world. In this way is affirmed both the good in others and the good in the world.

Reagan said that there is no limit to what you can accomplish for as long as you do not care who gets the credit. I do not begrudge other people their talent or creativity. The more beauty in the world, the better.

I can affirm my own positive qualities while also affirming those of others. That way everyone benefits, and I exert a positive influence in the world.


Blogger courtneywalks said...

I also agree, with this definition.

Many times people request humility of someone when what they really want is subservience, and that has helped to give the concept of humility a bad reputation.

You do exert a positive influence in the world, for sure.

Thank you for being you.

6:38 PM  

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