Sunday, August 07, 2016

Feminism and Misogyny

Jim Morrison wanted to kill his father, and Eminem wanted to kill his mother. There are generational reasons for the behavior of both of these men.

In the 1950s households in which Jim Morrison's generation was raised, women were the nurturers and men were the disciplinarians. Women were kind, men were mean. Boys grew up to love their mothers and hate their fathers.

In the 1980s and 1990s households in which Eminem's generation were raised, women left men who were mean to them and became mean themselves. Children grew up to hate their mothers.

Because of this, in my generation, there is a strong misogynistic sentiment. This sentiment was compounded by the wrongs and excesses of 1990s feminism that taught women to be malicious harpies and attack anything that was male and most of what was female. These women were so far gone in their ruinous ideology as to see me as a misogynist; and my response to them is: If you are so dumb as to see me as a misogynist, you have no chance of winning anything at all.

So then on the scene come real misogynists in the form of Osama Bin Laden and Eminem. Many men of my generation took to them life fish to water; and many women, hating their mothers for being abusive and domineering, agreed with them and accepted violence by mean but sexy young males over emotional bullying by mean, unattractive older females. So now there are all these strident misogynists running around, now saying that I am a pussywhipped idiot or an abomination to God because I write love poetry to women and have a good relationship with the mother of my daughter even though we are not together any more. And I say to them: You are just as bad as the 90s feminists if not worse.

Do I choose sides among Andrea Dworkin and Eminem? Absolutely not. I choose to maintain the policy of being forgiving, loving and kind to the women in my life and show by example to other men how to handle the kinds of situations that they think should result in homicide. And by acting in such a manner, also show to women what a man who is not a misogynist behaves like – as well as show the misogynistic men what Christian love actually demands.

Whom will the children of my generation love and whom will they hate? Well that will depend on who are their parents. My daughter loves both me and her mother, and I expect that this will remain the case. As for the misogynists, prepare to be hated by your children. And expect them to want to do to you exactly what Jim Morrison's generation wanted to do to their dads.


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