Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Resurrection of Love

I have known a number of American and Australian baby boom-generation women who've lived through 1980s. Many of them were being abused by their husbands, who appeared to be of the view that their wives were “commies” and “sluts” and that they owed it to their country and to God to beat them into submission. Coming from that perspective, it is understandable why the Reaganism of 1980s was followed by the militant feminism of 1990s.

I say understandable. I do not say right. As is usually the case in such situations, the sentiment was legitimate; the solution was wrong.

The solution of course was to prevail upon women to see all men as scoundrels and to encourage viciousness both to men and to women who liked men. These women abused the men near the centers of learning and media who, for the most part, believed in women's rights, but they had neither the guts nor the power to reach the real perpetrators. These remained comfortable where they were and used these women's malicious behavior to claim that they had been right about women all along.

These, in turn, likewise had neither the guts nor the power to reach people like Andrea Dworkin and Catherine McKinnon, who also remained comfortable where they were. Instead they took it out on women who liked them enough to be with them. At which point of course the misandrists used these men's abusive behavior to likewise claim that they had been right about men and that smart women should avoid romantic relationships and family life.

In both cases, good will – on the part of both women and men – was punished, and ill will rewarded.

This created a perverse set of incentives upon society to influence both genders to be the worst thing that they could be and behave in the worst way that they could behave.

It is time to change all that.

My solution is to side neither with Eminem nor with Catherine McKinnon. Both are exploiters and usurpers. Each have exploited people's failure and misery to advance themselves while making the world worse for everyone, and neither begins to deserve to speak for the 50% of humanity that they wrongfully claim to represent. Instead it is to give inspiration, courage and guidance to people – both women and men – to create loving relationships with one another. And it is also to create a rightful set of incentives within society to reward good will and disincentivize violence, viciousness, destructive behavior, and both misandry and misogyny.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about a solution inspired by my education in economics. An economist looks at how to combine inputs in such a way as to make the best output. And my solution is this: Bring men who are willing to be good to women together with women who are willing to be good to men.

Create a large-scale cross-cultural flux for intermarriage.

Let men from feminist cultures get together with women from patriarchial cultures, both of whom are willing to be good to the other gender but who, in their home cultures, get mistreated by the other gender.

Solve two complementary injustices at the same time.

Let people who are willing to be good to one another create good relationships.

Strike a body blow to the control of usurpers of people's power and exploiters of failure and misery.

Free people from control by these usurpers and exploiters.

And create a rightful set of incentives upon society.

A very useful concept from economics is that there are practical ways to achieve idealistic outcomes. My ideal is of course love. Baby boomers dreamt about love, but they did not know how to achieve it. When they believed in love they also believed in Communism and had no knowledge of psychology or economics. They did not know how to make their dreams reality, and most of them failed. Many wound up believing as a result that their dreams were childish or unrealistic. Misandrists, misogynists, predatory lawyers and predatory cults all cashed in on this sentiment, improving their lot while spreading ugliness and confusion and making the world worse for everyone. Here is a realistic, practical way to achieve these people's rightful ideals.

I do not want either women or men to win the gender war. I want women who are willing to be good to men and men who are willing to be good to women to win the gender war. I want love to win the gender war.

There will always be one or another set of scoundrels to exploit people's failure and misery. Neither deserves power, neither deserves to speak for a whole gender, neither deserves to dictate to a whole gender, and neither deserves to win. Both men and women deserve to be free of control by each set of scoundrels.

And both men and women deserve to be free to get together with one another and create loving relationships.

It is time that love arise like a Phoenix from its ashes, out of the ruin of recent decades and into an international blossoming. And show the people deluded by wrong lessons learned and exploiters of failure and misery a better way.


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