Saturday, November 05, 2016

Confronting Both Feminism And Misogyny

There are two major toxic influences in society at this time. One is women who hate attractive women. The other is men who hate women as such.

When I was in love with a very beautiful woman, I was told that I was thinking with my penis and that I was a sham. In fact there are any number of women friends in my life whom I do not regard to be physically attractive, but whom I respect as people. At one point or another, a very bad meme was introduced. It is the claim that there is something incompatible between physical beauty and inner beauty. I do not see why the two should have any relationship to one another at all. Some will have both; some will have either one or the other; and some will have neither. Having known any number of women who were both physically beautiful and good people getting maliciously attacked by feminism-influenced women, I have every right – and I also believe it to be my duty – to stick up for such women to those who would attack them.

Then there's the claim that there's something wrong with loving women at all. A person professing such beliefs claimed that I was in love with women's genitals. I have no sexual attraction at all to my daughter. I will however do everything in my power that she does not have to deal with people who have such beliefs. And I will also do everything in my power to make sure that the world in which she grows up is free of such poison.

My daughter has always been kind, and she has also always been very beautiful. Her first social interaction, at age 1, was coming up to another little girl and giving her a hug. I tell her about yuckie people, and she says, “There are no yuckie people.” Here is someone with both outer beauty and inner beauty. And no, I do not want her sexually.

When women who are both physically beautiful and good people get viciously attacked, this is a problem not with them or their consciousness or their karma. This is the problem with the world. And it then falls up to people who care what world new life is brought into to stand up to the people responsible for either monstrosity. No, I am not thinking with my penis when I make a stance for beauty. I make a stance for a reality that is in no way limited to women. I also make a stance for great art and beauty in nature. All things that carry legitimate and rightful appeal, and will continue to do so to people throughout history however much either the feminists or the misogynists want to brainwash people against them.

I respect any number of people – including women – who are not usually regarded as attractive. I however have no respect for vicious abuse of people for their positive traits. Both physical beauty and inner beauty are values, and ones that deserve to be rewarded. Anything that militates against such a thing is evil. And anything that militates against such a thing is wrong.

From science, we know that there is both absolute beauty and relative beauty. A face with particular set of proportions will be regarded as beautiful cross-culturally. In another study that showed 500 faces to 20,000 participants, each face got picked as the most beautiful at least once. The first affirms that beauty is not only taste-dependent or culturally relative, and that there is such a thing as absolute beauty – the beauty that will be recognized as such independent of taste or culture. And the second affirms that there is someone for everyone, even if one's parents or school culture did not regard them to be attractive. The first invalidates the abuse against beautiful women; and the second invalidates the abuse against unattractive teenagers. There should not be room for either form of abuse.

There is absolutely nothing incompatible at all between physical beauty and inner beauty. The claim that there is such a thing allows women who have neither form of beauty to abuse women who have either or both. I do not want my daughter to get abused by feminists for being pretty and kind, and I will fight this kind of feminism. I will also fight misogyny. Both are abominable, and neither deserve to have currency in society.

I am in no way driven in this by sexual considerations. I care about the women I've loved, and I care even more about my daughter. For this reason I will do everything in my power to reduce in society the influence of the gender war. The gender war teaches everyone involved to be the very worst thing that they can conceivably be. It creates toxic social conditions, and ones in which the very best things are viciously attacked.

I did not choose this set of conditions, and my daughter did not choose this set of conditions. This means that I will do everything that I can to change this set of conditions so that she does not wind up abused either by feminists or misogynists. Neither side is anywhere close to being right, and neither side deserves to win. The only people who deserve to win anything at all are the people – both men and women – who are willing to treat their partners rightfully. And it is this approach – the opposite of the gender war – that can provide nurturing soil for the raising of new life.

It is wrong to take sides in the gender war. The gender war is not the solution; the gender war is the problem. The gender war has created a toxic society in which everyone is taught to be jerks. This makes the world worse for everyone. I will confront both sides, and I hope that other loving parents do as well.

It is wrong to attack women for being beautiful or men for loving beautiful women. Beauty is a positive quality, and it deserves to be treated as such. At the very least it does not deserve to be discriminated against. There is nothing at all incompatible between beauty and spirituality or being a good person. I know any number of women who are both beautiful and good people; and I refuse to see them abused for having such traits.

The ironic thing is that, in most of these situations, the woman who's being attacked has absolutely no ill will toward the people who attack her. She does not generally become hateful even though she's being subjected to absolute hate. Her attackers consider themselves spiritual, but they come from position of hatred. The woman is being accused of not having spiritual or personal qualities. Yet she shows a much greater presence of both than do the people who attack her.

So no, there is absolutely nothing incompatible between being beautiful and being spiritual or a good person. My daughter is both beautiful and a good person, and so are most females in my family. I will stand up for them, and I will stand up for the women I've loved. This becomes the duty of love and integrity. And it also becomes the duty of what it means to create a nurturing soil in which to raise future generations to be free of such grievous errors and be able to have wholesome life.


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