Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Cultural Blossoming and Donald Trump

There are any number of people who see beauty – whether in people or in nature or in art – as being illogical. In fact there is a very high logic for it. Look into things such as fractal geometry and other aspects of advanced mathematics to discover in it a very profound understanding of beauty.

In America, the people’s legitimate longing for beauty has been dealt with through abuse and demonization by wrongful trends in feminism and psychology. Rather than wasting everyone’s time and money by sticking with wrongful theories and wrongful beliefs, a much greater  benefit can be realized by recognizing the rightfulness of this longing and supporting a cultural blossoming.

I do not look back to 1960’s; I look back to 1920s. In 1920s, America became the undisputed leader of the world. That time combined technological and economic advancement with cultural progress. That time produced magnificent architecture and machinery and excellent literature, music and theater. It is the proof before everyone that there is nothing at all incompatible between practicality and the arts.

We see now in the White House a brilliant businessman with excellent taste, who has commissioned some of America’s most beautiful buildings. It may very well be possible at this time to recreate the spirit that made America great.

Trump has been accused of narcissism by personality psychology. The problem with this definition is that it would pathologize most of the world’s greatest contributors. If it is narcisssistic to seek great success – or if it is narcissistic to have original ideas – then everyone who’s had great success, and everyone who’s had original ideas, is a narcissist. Which means that the world in general  - and America in particular – owes most of what it has to such people. To pathologize what made your nation great is a wrong done to your nation. And with Donald Trump as president, it may be possible to go to significant lengths to correct this wrong.

As for his wife, she is the refutation of Third Wave feminism. She is a woman who is far smarter than most American feminists, and is also fashionable and attractive. For many years third wave feminists claimed monopoly on intelligence in women. They obviously haven’t met many women from Eastern Europe. Here is someone who is a real-life refutation of that horrible trend.

One refutes a malignant trend in psychology, and the other refutes a malignant trend in feminism. Between them together it may just be possible to discredit both enough that cultural blossoming can take place. This will do far more for America than anything that has ever been done by either movement; and it will be a way to make America great – and beautiful – again.


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