Sunday, June 04, 2017

An Atheist's Journey To Jesus

For a long time I had a very negative view of Christianity. I believed that it was for morons and that its message was wrong. I was a complete idiot to think that.

Christ is a brilliant and compassionate teacher. He helps even the worst of us to become better people. He guides us toward becoming more of what God wants us to be.

I started out as a militant atheist. But I had enough experiences of the transnatural that I could no longer afford the luxury of that belief.

When I spoke of my experiences, I got two types of responses. One was that I was crazy; the other was that I was evil. There is absolutely nothing crazy however about experiences that I've had, that had correspondences in other people's situations. It is crazy if it exists in your head and only in your head. It is not crazy if it also happens to somebody else, or if it involves many situations with less than a billionth chance of happening.

The idea that it is evil carries greater credibility. At least the experience is acknowledged as valid. In fact they can be either good or bad, or a mixture of both; and in the Bible itself it says that people are born with various abilities – such as prophecy and healing – that are there by the will of God.

With things such as magick, I can see why it would be seen as bad. It is a power to affect other people, and it is a power that can be used for wrong. Better it be that powers such as these stay with God, for God to wield them as He wills. I do not want magickal powers. I do not trust my mind enough to know how to use them rightfully. With the kinds of thoughts that I get I refuse to take such a risk.

Whereas healing and prophecy can be used only for good, and if people are born with such abilities then they should have every right to practice them.

With telepathy, the situation can be of any kind. I do not see telepathy as necessarily evil. It can be used both for right things and wrong things, and if people keep getting born with such abilities then it is obviously not something that comes from a bad place. It is however possible to get entangled in such things quite badly. Thankfully Christ has the capacity to get you out of such things.

Now many people have not had the experience of such things, and they can be forgiven to not believe in such things. However there are many others who have had experiences of this sort but do not have an adequate intellectual system to explain them. Some have felt one or another presence and have been searching all their lives for answers. Others keep finding ways to explain away the experience. Different people show up with different answers. I have looked at all sorts of directions. The one that has shown the most reliable answers has been Christ.

So here I am, a former militant atheist who came to Jesus. I suppose it is an equivalent of a Reagan conservative becoming a Communist. I no longer think that Christianity is stupid. There is vast wisdom and power in Christianity. And I suggest that other people take greater interest in it and see what they can gain from the most powerful religion on Earth.


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