Thursday, June 29, 2017

Removing The Beam From Your Eye

One of Christ's most famous statements is, “Remove the beam from your eye before removing a speck from your brother's.”

A question that bears asking is, How can I remove something that's in my eye? If I have a beam in my eye, I would not be able to see it. It will become a part of my perspective – of how I see the world. I will see the world through that beam, and my view of the world will be a function of that beam.

One way in which this can sometimes be done, to some effect, is by looking at mirrors. You can see yourself in the eyes of others. Of course the eyes of others will also have a beam in them. Their perspectives will be a function of whatever errors and rackets are formative to their worldview. They will see you through whatever beam is in their eyes, and their view of you will be a function of this beam.

There is however a way to do this successfully. It is to see your reflection in a perfect mirror. God is the perfect mirror, and He will reflect you exactly as you are.

Another way to achieve this is the other part of the equation. It is to look at how you see God. God is a being that has no darkness in Him. If you look at God and you see any darkness, the darkness you see is the beam in your eye.

Thus, either by looking at yourself in the eyes of God or by looking at God, you will be able to see the beam in your eye enough to be able to remove it.


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