Thursday, July 06, 2017

Changing What I Cannot Accept

Any parent who cares about his children faces a choice: Whether to focus on providing their children a good upbringing or on improving the conditions of the world in which they will live.

Most people take the first path. They think that they are doing the right thing by their children, but they are not. The children are released into a foreign and hostile environment in which they get torn to shreds.

I have learned from the mistakes of my predecessors and am taking a different route. I am focusing on improving the conditions. If polar ice caps melt and the world gets flooded, then I have failed my daughter. If her two options in life are being knocked around by some jerk or being abused by feminists for being pretty and kind, then I have failed my daughter. She should not have to adapt to the color of either form of villainy; she should be able to maintain her own beautiful color.

A political candidate in America put on his website, “I am no longer accepting what I cannot change. I change what I cannot accept.” I cannot accept the global warming. I cannot accept the gender war. I will do everything in my power to confront both forms of wrongdoing. There are viable solutions to global warming and I am privy to one ( There is a solution to gender war as well, and I have it ( I will communicate both to as many people as possible. I am doing so now.

When I was at the university, I was aiming for an academic career. There were two things that stood in my way. One was that the academia was being defunded, and the prospects for an academic career were scant. Another was that the social climate was unendurable. What I had been preparing to do for all of my childhood and teens was made impossible by the political and social conditions. I do not want my daughter to face a similar situation.

I will be willing to focus upon my own life and my own well-being when I am convinced that the social and political conditions that my daughter will be facing in life are the rightful ones. Until then it becomes incumbent upon me to do what I can to change these conditions for the better.


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