Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Where Gurus Have Gone Wrong

I know a number of people who are advanced as spiritual leaders or gurus, and some of them appear to be of the opinion that I am doing the wrong thing by getting involved in social and political causes. I am going to address their arguments.

The first is that what I am doing is based on ego, and ego is always bad. I do not believe that that is the case. Ego can be a great motivator. For an opposing view there was an Australian businessman saying that ego is the most powerful force on Earth, as well as Ayn Rand saying that ego is the fountainhead of all progress. As for me I neither demonize nor extol the ego. I see it as anything human, capable of outcomes good, bad, indifferent or a mix. I have known spiritual practicioners whose aim was to overcome the ego, and I have known businessmen, scientists and engineers who used their egos to achieve. I do not necessarily see the first as having a better idea than the second.

Then there is the claim that I am being negative. My response to that is that before a problem can be solved it has to be seen; and if that means being negative then being negative is part of the process. To deny the problems that we are facing is not enlightenment, it is lying to yourself and others. To articulate a problem is not “whining” or “blaming”; it is analysis. This is needed to inform rightful action; and it is rightful that attitudes such as these, which appear to be very commonplace, be challenged in order that more informed and more rightful action be taken at all levels of society.

Also we have the claim that focusing on such things is being irresponsible. That claim is a Big Lie. It is in fact supremely responsible. I refuse for my daughter to have to inherit a toxic hell. I refuse for my daughter to have to face horrible social conditions. For me to focus on my own life at this time would be to fail her and others. And there is no way that such an action could possibly be considered responsible.

Now I have respect for a number of these people; but on this matter they err. Their approach at this time is completely wrongful. We are facing major problems. We need to focus on solving them. Any argument to the contrary discredits the person making that argument and discredits also the spiritual path of which he is a part.


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