Saturday, July 08, 2017

Third Wave Feminists And African Big Men

The same people who started out wanting peace and love ended up wanting to disembowel “sociopaths,” “narcissists” and “perverts.” In both cases they violated constitutional intent. First they did so for libertine values; then they did it for fascist values.

The correct response is that the constitutional system does not exist to suit your mood.

The constitution is clear about all things on this matter. You are obligated to respect people's rights even if they are sociopaths. You cannot go around demonizing people and trying to wipe their kind off the face of the planet. I am not a sociopath or anything close to being a sociopath. But I care enough about the world and about humanity to stand up to people who want to conduct witch hunts and inquisitions in countries that are intended to be free.

The behavior of the women involved in this persecution is very similar to the behavior of the first-generation African leaders known as the Big Men. These leaders used the claim that their people have suffered historical injustice to get money and concessions from the West while preying on their own people. The Big Men were not victims of anything. They were wealthy despots. Instead they used the West's compassion to wrong their own people. And that not only hurt their people but taught the people in the West to no longer support the genuinely disadvantaged Africans.

The leaders of academic feminism are themselves not victims of anything. They are middle-class or upper-class Westerners enjoying successful careers. Instead they attack their own constituents: Especially the women who are kinder and prettier than they are and young men nearest the liberal centers of learning and culture who are the least likely men to be genuinely misogynistic. Through their venal behavior they have damaged the reputation of women as such, feeding a resurgence of real misogyny. This does not touch them. It does however injure all sorts of good women all around the world.

And in attacking such men, they have also alienated a crucial ally and made enemies of people who otherwise would have been allied with feminism.

In truth, the definition of narcissistic and sociopathic disorders is very similar to the Nazi definition of Jews. “They aren't really human.” “They think they are special.” “They prey on our people.” “They are evil and can only be evil whatever they do.”

It is for this reason that people who have perpetrated this hysteria have been rightfully called Femi-Nazis.

Are “sociopaths,” “narcissists” and “perverts” evil and can only be evil whatever they do? This is completely irrational thinking. Anything capable of choice can act rightfully. This is even the case for people who have for one or another reason been disconnected from empathy or were born with some kind of a neurological disorder. If your heart fails, use your mind. Figure out what is another person's position. And then do what is right by that person.

If you do not have regular human emotions, then you need to intellectually figure out what everyone else takes for granted. Any progress at all in that direction will give profound insight into people – insight that most people don't have. If you have to learn something consciously, you will understand it better than people whose learning has been unconscious. This understanding can most certainly be used for all sorts of wrong; but it can also be wielded rightfully. “Guns don't kill people; people with guns kill people.”

With people like that, the solution is not to lynch them. The solution is to provide them a valid moral structure. And then these people will use what is in many cases extraordinary abilities and home-grown knowledge to do things that are beneficial rather than destructive.

So now America has a president who has been diagnosed as a narcissist. Yet he is president and the people who believe such things are not. Enjoy what you are getting and don't ask me to help you. After all you are all strong independent women. You don't need some guy in Australia to stand up for your interests and your rights.


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