Sunday, August 06, 2017

Why Domestic Violence Should Be A Conservative Cause

Right now, the bulk of the fight against domestic violence has come from people on the Left. It should involve people on the Right as well. It should be a conservative cause as much as it is a liberal cause, for reasons of what is the true meaning of conservative values.

One of these values is character. Character includes judgment and self-control. A man who breaks his wife's skull, or a man who comes at his wife with fists because she left a speck of dust on the floor, is showing neither. Which means that a true conservative will call him on his sin.

Another of these values is family values. I can think of no more important family value than being good to one's family. A person who truly speaks in favor of family will demand of the man treating his family well; and that means, first and foremost, doing away with domestic violence and incest.

Still another conservative value is responsibility. The man bears full responsibility for what he does with his fists and his mouth. A man who beats up on his wife and children fails to exercise responsibility; which means that, once again, according to logic of conservatism itself, he fails.

Yet another of these values is honesty. Most situations of abuse are situations of false advertising. The man has misrepresented himself to the woman. He pretended to be what he was not. That means that he is guilty of dishonesty. He is also guilty of dishonesty if he gets something out of the relationship with the woman without treating her accordingly to what he is getting from her. If you are getting something out of your interaction with someone, then you are obligated to treat them rightfully regardless of what you think of women or of her.

Character, family values, responsibility and honesty all demand good treatment of one's family. Which means that this should be a conservative cause as much as it is a liberal one, and it should become a part of the conservative agenda.


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