Friday, March 30, 2018

Complaining Vs. Analysis

Sometimes, when I write on social issues, I am being accused of being negative or of being whining. I do neither of the above. For problems to be solved they have to be seen. I provide insight into the nature of the problems, as well as in many cases proposing viable solutions.

Some people think that the solution to everything is everyone taking responsibility for their lives. For them to do so effectively they need to have knowledge, and they need to have insight once again into what they are dealing with in the world. And this knowledge and this insight is not provided by people who act like grade-school coaches. It is provided by people who honestly examine the issues and come up with informed analysis and informed solutions.

Then there is the claim that any such aspirations – toward altruism or saving the world or anything of the sort - are a power trip. I for one do not care who has power for as long as the things that need to be done are done. I am not interested in ruling; I am interested in influencing with my thought. I have original thought on many issues, and it is a thought that can and should be useful to others.

I am not doing what I am doing in order to whine. My life has been an enviable one, and I know it. I very rarely write about my life, and when I do in most cases it is not in a complaining way. I would consider it obscene in fact for me to be complaining about my life when I know what folks in Haiti are dealing with. I do no such thing. Instead I analyze social issues in order that they can rightfully be addressed.

So no, I am not doing what I am doing in order to complain. I am doing what I am doing in order to contribute. And I hope that people find my contributions useful and apply them toward solving the problems that I see and that I have some idea as to how to solve.


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