Monday, May 25, 2015

War Over Middle Easterners' Minds

Like many others, I am tired of the Muslim fundamentalists claiming that they have morals and that the rest of us does not. The opposite is the case. The Muslim fundamentalists kidnap children, send children to blow up marketplaces and throw sulfuric acid into girls' faces for going to school. They are the lowest form of scum.

So far, most of the effort against Muslim fundamentalists has been based upon military action. Not enough is being done to change people's minds. There needs to be a broadcast into the Middle East, similar to the Voice of America broadcasts into the former Soviet Union, to inform people of what they are being faced with and how wrong it is for such forces to claim to speak for morality.

For as long as they have the monopoly over the minds of Middle Eastern people, military action is not going to work. They can always get more recruits to replace those who get shot. Instead there needs to be a war for people's minds rather than their bodies; and in doing that America stands a chance to defeat these scoundrels.


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