Friday, July 03, 2015

The Generational Slanders

The baby boomers are constantly being accused of being selfish, and the early 20th century generation is constantly being accused of being shallow. I have reason to believe that none of these claims are right.

The baby boomers started out being exceptionally altruistic. They fought for civil rights; they fought for women's rights; they fought for children's rights; they fought for peaceful engagement with other countries; they fought for better treatment of the poor. For this they were viciously attacked and derided as commies. So, by the time the 1980s rolled around, they decided that they no longer wanted to be commies and getting brutally attacked. They became self-interested and entrepreneurial, in the best American tradition. And for this they were portrayed as selfish brats.

The early 20th century generation should likewise not be getting slandered. Early 20th century is when America rose to world leadership. Before that, England, not America, was the world's greatest country. The early 20th century generation gave the world the automobile, the skyscraper, the electricity and the telephone. And it also made America the greatest country in the world.

I mean no disrespect whatsoever for America's World War II generation. They had to fight in a horrible war, they initiated a long period of peace and prosperity, and they have the right to all the respect that they can get. But let us put things into perspective. The Russians fought in that war as well, and they endured many more casualties than did the Americans. And – let this not be forgotten – the Nazis who fought in that war were a part of that generation as well.

I want to see everyone being seen for what they are; and this is the case with both the baby boomers and the early 20th century generation. The attacks against both of these generations are wrong. Both have been major contributors to America, and both deserve to be seen for having been major contributors to America. As for the World War II generation, they deserve respect; but they do not deserve to slander either their children or their parents.


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