Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Radical progressives" and Reagan conservatives

We are hearing from some conservatives the claim that the “radical progressives” are destroying the American way of life and fanning envy and hatred within the public against the more successful people in order to rule America.

A bit of history.

In 1980s, the radical Reagan conservatives did everything in their power to destroy every lifestyle other than theirs. They did everything in their power to grind into dirt everyone who had been a part of 1960s and 1970s, from the inner-city blacks to the feminists and the liberal academics. They fanned public envy and hatred and directed it against the “liberal elites,” making it very difficult for America's scientists, teachers, journalists and artists to do their job. And they claimed that they were America and that nobody else was, giving themselves the mandate to subjugate and destroy everyone who wasn't them.

If what goes around does indeed come around, then we will be perfectly expected to see some on the Left wanting to do the same thing to the Reagan conservatives. Yet, from what I have seen, Obama and his supporters have been conducting themselves like gentlemen. Whereas Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and others continue fanning hatred and envy among American people, feeding them a load of lies, spreading paranoid fictions and influencing them to act in brutal, hateful and murderous ways.

I've known people who were a part of these so-called liberal elites. Scientists, writers, psychologists, and computer entrepreneurs. And they were, quite simply, the best people I've ever known. They were kind, intelligent, compassionate, responsible and noble-minded. And they kept true to their noble values in very hostile times – a process that demanded, and built in them, enormous strength and personal power.

Now that the conservatives are out as a result of the failed Bush administration, we will be expecting to see them rework themselves. What they will become, nobody knows; but we see in them the potential for everything from Alex Jones to Donald Trump. As for the current situation, it is the conservatives and not the liberals that are fanning envy and hatred and seeking to create a de facto totalitarianism. And for as long as they see themselves as America – and everyone else as not America – then they can only be expected to be a force for hate and oppression.


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