Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Matriarchs and Submissive Women

Ayn Rand said that the woman's nature was “hero worship” and that the matriarchs were “unnatural.” It is interesting to see this coming from a woman who wrote her own ticket, never had children and always insisted on absolute personal freedom for herself. It is also intersting to see Queen Victoria – a matriarch who, as a single woman and an absolute monarch, was living the feminist dream – describe feminism as a “wicked folly.”

I believe in personal freedom; and that means, first of all, the freedom to choose one's lifestyle. A woman who wants to serve a man should be able to do so. And a woman who doesn't want to serve the man should be able to live that way as well.

Is the matriarch unnatural? Queen Mary Medici of Italy was a matriarch; and she was an instrumental figure in moving Europe from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance. Queen Elizabeth I of England was also a matriarch; and she turned England from a feudal backwater into a great global civilization. Both of these matriarchs have been instrumental into creating the Western civilization as we now know it. And a person who pledges allegiance to the Western civilization will recognize this and treat women accordingly.

If you are a Western man who wants a submissive woman, I suggest you leave alone the independent-minded women and go for women who want to serve. There are plenty of these around the world; and a Western man is in these situations at the position of absolute advantage. There are all sorts of submissive women in Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe who would do anything to come to a Western country and marry a Western man. You do not need either to chase or to attack the independent-minded Western women; you have before you the pick of the world.

When left to their own devices, people will choose situations that work the best for them. And this will reward those who have the most to offer. A responsible Western man will be able to attract, and benefit from the attention of, all sorts of good women from around the world who will want him. And a beautiful, submissive woman from Iran or Brazil will be able to not only improve her condition by being with such a man, but also give him a better life than he stands to have with a feminism-influenced Western woman.

Doing this will create an arrangement that will work for everyone. The independent-minded Western women will have their independence; the Western men who want women to serve them will have women who want to serve them; and the women from elsewhere in the world will have a chance at a better life. Both the feminists and the traditionalists will be happy. True liberty – meaningful choice of lifestyles – will be achieved. And both the women who want to be matriarchs and the women who want to practice hero worship will have their way.


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There's a bit too much emphasis on geography here. Your claims here are definitely valid. Very well written!

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