Sunday, September 13, 2015

Incest and Lies

One of the biggest problems with incest and other forms of child abuse is that it destroys the child's sense of reality. The child knows what is happening; however the lie of the authority figure is bigger than him. This makes his perceptions an enemy of the authority; and the person is under pressure to distrust what he knows to be true. The self is portrayed as being in opposition to the authority, resulting in distrust of – and hatred toward – oneself. This of course attracts all sorts of scoundrels who want to cash in on this problem and use the person's manipulated self-hatred against her – to control her and get what they want from her without compensating her accordingly.

A person wounded in such a way becomes prey to all sorts of abusers and conmen. The self is mistrusted, and trust is placed instead in the lie. It is no coincedence that people in cultures where incest is prevalent – such as the American South – become prey to all sorts of conmen – such as the Christian Right. People are torn away from their natural perceptions and told to trust people who are dishonest enough to perpetrate such a fraud.

On the Internet, one of the biggest bullying behavior that I have seen has consisted of people telling credible lies and sticking to these credible lies even though they knew them to be lies. These bullies kept fixating on people they knew they could get away with attacking and kept going on with their lies while knowing them to be lies. When people like that become parents, they perpetrate the same fraud on their children, miring more and more of the population in lives of misery and deception.

What can lie not stand? The answer is this: Truth. Any manifestation of truth refutes the lie of the abuser, resulting in the destruction of the relationship. For this reason all manifestations of truth must be kept clear away from the relationship as they pose a death threat thereto. Abuse and control follow inevitably, requring the abuser to spin an ever-greater set of lies. These people then, ridiculously, claim to have morals or “family values” or tradition as they continue making lying their way of life.

This means the following: That refuting these lies is a way toward principle and transparency. And a person truly interested in ethics or “family values” will do just that.


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