Thursday, August 27, 2015

Do Republicans Really Own Work?

I have a question to ask. Am I the only person who thinks that it is ridiculous for Republicans to claim that they own work?

Scientists and teachers in America work very hard, and most of them are Democrats. The computer professionals in America also work very hard, and most of them are either Democrats or libertarians. The manufacturing workers tend to vote Democratic, and most of them also work hard. So where do the Republicans get off claiming that they are the working Americans and that nobody else is?

Many of the Republican entities owe a lot to the government. Science is at the root of everything that business sells. Infrastructure projects such as the Interstate and the Internet provide a backbone on which business can do its work. As for the majority-Republican economic entities – government-subsidized oil, government-subsidized beef, and the military that is the branch of the government – they are either supported by the government or they are part of the government.

So where, once again, do the Republicans get off claiming to have a monopoly on work?

I've worked for the bulk of my life, except the time that the economy was in the dumps and I could not find employment. I am all in favor of work; and I vote Democratic. Most Democrats I have known had a strong work ethic. That included people who came from the inner city and had a fierce determination to do something valuable with their lives.

It is wrong for Republicans to claim credit for America's accomplishments or to claim that they've built America. The Chinese built America's railroads. The blacks staffed its plantations. The Jews and the atheists dominate its science and entertainment. The Hindus and the minority religions dominate the computer industry.

In no way am I against people being Christian or Republican. I've known wonderful people who were the above. I am however against ignorance; and this is what we see here.

America owes to all sorts of people. And the Republicans have no business taking credit for it.


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