Sunday, September 06, 2015

Global Warming and Common Sense

I've had overtures by libertarians. My response is, Drop your idea that global warming is a hoax, and we will be best friends.

It is wrong for people who claim to swear by reality to deny reality. And the people who do that have nothing of merit to offer.

I am not a lazy person; I am willing to work hard, and I've proven that time and again. Nor am I a stupid person; I got a BA from University of Virginia at age 18. Libertarianism only makes sense for as long as it sees sense. And the sensible thing to understand here is, if you raise carbon dioxide emissions while cutting down the trees that absorb carbon dioxide, you have problems.

I am not trying to destroy democracy or to bring about a world socialist government. I make an argument which should be common sense. You cut down the trees that absorb carbon dioxide while raising carbon dioxide emissions, you are doing a wrong thing. It is not limited to “socialists” or to “liberal elites” or to “Communism.” It should be common sense.

If libertarians want anything to do with me, they will rework their wrongful stance on this matter. And then real work could be done to actually benefit people and the world in which they live.


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