Monday, May 30, 2016

Rape and Martial Arts

The issue of rape is not talked about as much now as it was in 1990s, but that doesn't mean that rape has gone away. I have an idea of something that can help women who have been raped.

That is: Take a martial arts class.

Martial arts builds self-confidence and sense of being able to defend oneself. More importantly still, it addresses the core trauma of rape. Women who have been raped complain that their bodies have been taken away from them and that they no longer feel in charge of their bodies. Martial arts solves this problem to the core.

Martial arts builds a relationship with the body of self-mastery. The person becomes more in charge of her body than she had been before she had been raped. Her body becomes her own consciously and completely. She becomes fully in charge of her body. This not only addresses the trauma of rape. This also puts her in a better position than she had been before she was raped.

Nobody likes to see women getting raped; but it happens anyway. When that happens, there should be a solution. Martial arts is one such solution; and I heartily recommend that psychiatrists and counselors prescribe this for women who have been victims of rape.


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