Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bill Clinton, Feminism and Positive Middle

Adam Bell, a Texas Congressional candidate, refers to Bill Clinton as “one of the greatest unifiers the world has ever seen.” I agree. He had a way of finding common ground among quarrelling parties and negotiating compromises that worked for all sides. He was able to negotiate an agreement among all sectors of American economy, resulting in America having its greatest ever time of peace and prosperity. Combining rightful belief in technological innovation and economic opportunity with progressive social values, he gave America the freest, most prosperous time in its history. He was a brilliant and compassionate man whose ideas worked.

I do not care for a moment what happened between him and Monica. He was a much better husband to his wife than were most men who condemned him. He allowed his wife her own brain, her own career, and her own power aside from his own. A Nascar Republican or a Muslim fundamentalist would have battered her, and many of them would have killed her. Instead, with Bill Clinton's help, Hillary Clinton is now the most powerful woman in the world.

This brings me to a related subject. I have seen many men – in pursuits to ideas popularized by such people as Osama Bin Laden and Eminem - claim that women are stupid or evil. Now if you really think that women are stupid or evil, I see no reason why you should be with a woman at all. Become a homosexual or an ascetic. At least the women who think that men are scum have the good taste to be either single or Lesbian.

Instead these men are running a racket. They benefit from the woman's cooking, cleaning, child rearing and economic contributions without valuing or rewarding her according to what she does. Their belief that women are evil justifies them in disgusting behavior toward the woman and failure to value her or reward her for what she does for them. What they commit, really, is a theft. And thieves have no business claiming to have morality or to speak for the male gender.

I do not need some wife-beating thug to speak for me as a man; I can do so myself. In the same way as the strong and articulate women such as Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin do not need the vicious, arrogant Third Wave feminists to speak for them and tell them what to do, what to believe, and whom to marry.

I have an original idea on this matter combining the best of both feminism and traditionalism. I believe that women have the right to be beautiful, to be loved and to pursue child-bearing and family life. I also believe that women have the right to excel in traditionally male-dominated pursuits such as economy, politics and culture. The first stance has seen me branded by fascist feminists as a chauvinist or a misogynist. The second stance has seen me branded by real chauvinists and misogynists as a male feminist, a pussywhipped idiot or as an abomination to God.

Both are completely full of crap.

I seek the best of all worlds. I seek the positive middle path that combines what's right in each side while doing away with what's wrong in each. Both men and women have the shared intellectual, volitional nature which both genders have. They also have the sexual and emotional nature that is gendered and will always be gendered. Denying either denies people half a life. People should have complete life, and that means: Pursue success in economic, political and cultural fields and also pursue loving relationships and family existence.

Clinton did just that: Seek a positive middle path. He supported technological progress and international trade; he also supported women's rights and personal freedoms. For this he is rightly regarded by Mr. Bell as one of the greatest unifiers that the world has ever known. We have seen what either imbalance of feminism or imbalance of traditionalism does. It is time to apply this positive unifying logic to man-woman relationships.


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