Friday, August 26, 2016

Israel, Europe, Australia: Undoing Wrong Historical Lessons

Israel, Europe and Australia all have gone wrong in different directions. The reason is not that either population is evil; the reason is either bad influences or legitimate lessons having been learned too well.

Both Jews and Europeans learned their lessons from the Second World War too well. The Jews, previously pacifistic, learned that they were not safe in the world, so they created a super-militaristic state that uses the military for all sorts of things that can be better solved through trade and diplomacy. And the Europeans, previously nationalistic and militaristic, learned that war and nationalism were evil, so they became pacifistic to the point of accommodating all sorts of regimes that should not be accommodated.

In both cases, a very legitimate sentiment was taken too far.

How to confront these undesirable manifestations? Probably by telling both Jews and Europeans how self-defeating their attitudes are.

Israelis need to be told that their overly militaristic policy makes the Jews look like scoundrels, which feeds anti-semitic sentiment around the globe that makes the Jews – and the Israelis - less safe. And the Europeans need to be told that their accommodation of barbaric regimes and cultures that have none of their scruples or good intentions abets barbarism, resulting in barbarism rather than pacifism becoming the driving force in the world.

There have been of course people telling such things to both populations. The great Yitzhak Rabin tried to tell that to the Israelis; he got shot. Dan Fortuyne, a Dutch politician, tried to tell this to the Europeans; he got shot also. I do not live either in Israel or in Europe. Which means that me saying such things is not very likely to get me shot.

In Australia, where I do live, the biggest problem is how men treat women. There are many good things about Australia – as there are about both Europe and Israel – but this is a national disgrace. The Australian men have an international reputation for abusive treatment of women; and that makes Australian men look like creeps.

Why is this so? Most likely because the first white people in Australia were violent criminals, and violent criminals aren't known for being gentlemen. And what Australian men need to be told is this:

Do you really want violent criminals telling you what it means to be a man? Do you really want violent criminals shaping your way of life? Do you really believe that violent criminals deserve to define your country and speak for you?

I have of course been saying just that. And – surprise surprise – there are any number of Australian men howling for my blood and that of the Australian woman who married me.

I want to change the behavior of Australian men. I want to teach them a better way to have man-woman relationships. Since my daughter is growing up here, I owe it to her as much as I owe it to any number of good Australian women I have known.

Particularly, I want them to reduce in their culture the influence of violent criminals and influence it toward better behavior and better values.

Well what about your home country – Russia? I militantly rejected the “traditional” Russian brutality and misogyny ever since I was a little child. Instead I took after the better Russian influences – the poets, writers and intellectuals who also fought this “tradition.” I have nothing to do with the barbaric behavior of “traditional” Russian men; I have fought it. And I am now fighting similar behavior by many men in Australia.

Nor am I responsible for American “political correctness.” I likewise fought it ever since I knew what it was. The women I do respect – smart, strong, successful women both in Russia and in America – have all rejected “political correctness” and said that feminism in America has gone too far.

Whereas in Australia, it has not gone far enough, and we see a culture of horrible abuse of women.

I do not only preach these better ways. I also practice them. When my former wife left me to be with another man, I did not threaten to kill her, nor did I try to take away my daughter. Instead I have maintained a good relationship with her. And now my daughter benefits from the attention of two loving parents.

Australian men think that they have guts; and many do. They need to have the guts to undo wrong influences in their culture. They need to have the guts to break from the habits of violent criminals who have been formative to their culture and cultivate wiser ways. They need to have the guts to reject the “tradition” of violent criminals. And they need to have the guts to stand strong in face of people whose attitudes have been shaped by violent criminals and affirm and practice gentlemanly behavior.

This will solve the biggest thing that is wrong with Australia – which country, in other respects, is the best place in the world. It will improve the lot of Australian women, and it will improve the character of Australian men. It will make Australian men look better in the eyes of the world and earn international respect. It will create better family existence for their children. And it will allow the people of Australia to break free from the ways of violent criminals and create a wiser and nobler culture.


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