Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Black People and Political Correctness

One of Martin Luther King's most famous statements was that he wanted people to judge others not on the basis of the color of their skin, but on the contents of their character.

I know any number of black women whom I hold in high respect, and many of them have all sorts of things to say about the content of the character of the black men with whom they have partnered. I am not a racist, nor anything close to a racist. I want black people to do well. But if the men with whom they are dealing treat them like dirt, I have the right to say things about the content of the character of these men. If someone cares about someone else, he will be against people who treat them badly. And I for one have no respect at all for a man – black or white – who chooses to treat women in his life like dirt.

I am not an angel; I do not claim to be an angel. But I do not want to see good women treated badly; and that is what we see all around, in both white and black communities. Whatever your skin color, you have no business beating your woman or trying to kill her if she wants to go with someone else. Maybe the gangsters have sex appeal; but they do not have personal appeal. I do not want my daughter to be treated like dirt, nor do I want black women to be treated like dirt either.

Black people come under the protective umbrella of liberalism; but many of them do not practice liberal values. The most central liberal value is treating people rightfully. If you think that your girlfriend is a “bitch” or a “slut,” then by all means steer clear of her. Get together with a woman whom you can respect. And then build a real relationship that is not based on contempt and violence.

In the politically correct cultures in America, it is fashionable to treat horribly the man in your own culture while supporting other cultures in their actually misogynistic ways. These people need to have their heads screwed on straight. They have no idea at all how badly women elsewhere are being treated. They expect ridiculous things from their men while expecting nothing at all from themselves. In fact a conservative American Christian is a much better partner than is a man from the ghetto or the man from Middle East; and if these people actually believe what they claim to believe they would be acting accordingly. My response to these people is, I want nothing at all to do with you or with people like you.

Is the Western civilization the root of oppression of women? Only an idiot would believe such a thing. The Muslim civilization is far worse to women than the Western civilization has ever been; and so are any number of others. I do not deserve to be claimed a misogynist or anything of the sort because I do not agree with political correctness. You could ask my ex-wife about how I treated her as compared to her previous men; she would tell you who a misogynist is and who isn't.

That Andrea Dworkin or Catherine McKinnon is a woman no more qualifies them to speak for women any more than that Osama Bin Laden as a man qualifies him to speak for me as a man. To hell with the both of them. To hell with Osama Bin Laden, and to hell with the third-wave feminists. None of them begin to deserve to claim leadership for 50% of humanity. They are the worst in their respective genders; and neither have the right to claim any kind of leadership at all.

If Martin Luther King was alive today, he would in no way be happy with the way in which the black people in inner city treat their wives and their girlfriends. So what if you are black, it does not qualify you to act like a jerk. If you actually have respect for black people, then treat your black sisters accordingly. They are black people too. You will be judged based on how you treat them.

And if you're a Christian? Then look at what Christ actually demands that people do. Christ demands that you love the next person, and that means especially the woman in your life. If you are using Christianity to control your wife while not doing your part to treat her rightfully, then you are misusing Christianity. You become that way a Pharisee. And yes, I am completely certain that Christ will judge you.

What we are seeing here on two sides of town are two complementary injustices. On one side of town horrible women are being malicious to men who have goodwill toward women. On the other side of town horrible men are being brutal to women who have goodwill toward men. Neither situation is anywhere close to being right. Maybe the solution is a large-scale cross-cultural flux to correct two complementary injustices.

To hell with the men – black or otherwise – who think it their right to be terrible toward women. To hell with the women who think it their right to be terrible toward men. Neither one or the other deserve anything whatsoever. The only people who deserve anything are the people who are willing to be good to their partners. And that is the case with both men and women of any race.

I am totally sick of the gender war. The gender war teaches everyone involved to be assholes. That is the case both with women and with men. The only solution is for men to be good to women and for women to be good to men. And it is for the people of all races to strive toward that solution.

I do not want my daughter to wind up a punching bag for some idiot. Nor do I want her to get abused by feminists for being pretty and kind. The only possible solution to this situation is for men to be good to women and for women to be good to men. There is no other possible solution. And this has to be the case across all races.


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