Friday, February 10, 2017

Impact and Choice

The impact you have on the world is a multiple of the number of choices you make with the impact of each choice.

Choices by themselves build upon one another exponentially. A choice (Lambda) will have two or more subchoices (sub-Lambda). Each choice will lead to either two choices (Yes or No) or to more than two choices (Yes, No, Maybe, and any number of mixes). The result will lead to choices growing exponentially. The more choices you make, the more other choices they beget.

Each choice has an impact upon the world (I). This impact can take place in any number of directions. All sorts of people – and things that are not of people – get impacted by one's choices; and [I] can be taken into any possible place.

The entire sum total of one's impact upon the world is the multiple of the Lambda and all sub-Lambdas by the [I] of each. The more choices you make, and the greater the impact of each choice, the greater becomes the effect of your life. Magnifying either one will increase one's impact.

The more choices you make, and the greater the impact of your choices, the more you do for the world.


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