Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sociopaths and Aliens

One question that very rarely gets asked is, “Why are sociopaths such experts at emotional manipulation?”

My response to that is that if you've had to learn something consciously rather than unconsciously, you develop a better understanding of it than if your learning has been unconscious.

Apparently these people are aliens and do not share with others a similar emotional structure. Which means that they have to put in a lot of conscious effort into understanding other people. And a person who does that will be better at it than would a person who was not an alien.

As a non-native English speaker, I got a lot of praise for my command of the English language. The reason was that I have learned it consciously rather than unconsciously; and someone who does that gets better understanding of what he is dealing with than if his learning had been unconscious.

I have never been diagnosed as a sociopath, although a number of lay people made that claim. According to some people you cannot win. You do not have social skills, you are a social retard. You do have social skills, you are a sociopath. This is a vast hypocrisy, and it has gone on for long enough.

If you do not share with other people their concept of what is feeling, you will be described as a sociopath. The problem is that this is done far more than it is worthy of doing. You will describe those in power whom you like as good people, and you will describe those with strengthening qualities whom you do not like as a sociopath. If Reagan is in power, he is a great man. If Obama is in power, he is a sociopath.

Why do sociopaths become such experts at emotional manipulation? Because they have had to learn emotions consciously rather than unconsciously. They appear not to have come with a regular equipment. So then they have had to use their intelligence to figure out what everyone else takes for granted. The result is people who are experts at manipulating human emotions.

If you are an alien, you will have a more profound understanding of people's feelings than someone who is not an alien. You will have had to consciously learn what everyone else takes for granted. This will in all cases lead to insight, which can be used for right or for wrong. Not everyone who is a sociopath will do terrible things. But many will have insight that others lack.


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