Friday, June 16, 2017

Holocaust Revisionism and Nazism

On the Internet, I keep seeing people involved in Holocaust denial. The central claim is that Holocaust is a hoax perpetrated by Jewish media.

I have a perfect refutation to that claim.

I spent the first 12 years of my life in the former Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union, the media was not Jewish. Yet it carried extensive descriptions of the Holocaust, as well as of the Nazi invasion into the Soviet Union that cost 20 million Soviet lives.

I do not see why German people should want to have anything to do with Holocaust revisionism or Nazism. Germany is a legitimately proud country that is doing well now and has had many real achievements in its history. If they want to feel national pride, they can look back to Goethe, Bethoven, Wagner, Kant, Rilke and Nietzsche. They can look back to Otto Von Bismarck. They can look to the period after the Second World War when Germany was – and remains – the economic leader of Europe. They do not need to look back to something that not only brought Germany total ruin but gave German people a lasting reputation as the biggest jerks in the world.

Were there impressive accomplishments by Nazi scientists and engineers? Yes there were. But there were greater accomplishments by German scientists and engineers both before and after the Nazi era. The Panzers were an impressive piece of technology; but so is Mercedes Benz. The credit for these things do not belong with Nazis, but with the German people.

I have known a number of German people. They did not come across as especially friendly, but they were hard-working, strong, intelligent, articulate and in excellent physical shape. Germany has many things going for it, as do the German people. They do not need to get their pride from the worst thing that German people have ever done. They have much brighter spots in their history, one of which is now.

Outside of Germany, I see no reason why Nazism should have any appeal at all. Why would an American, an Englishman or a Russian want to have anything to do with Nazism? Nazis were their countries' enemies. Their grandparents died fighting against them. To side with the enemy of one's country is treason. I believe in the First Amendment and vocally oppose political correctness, and even the Nazis should not be censored or prosecuted. They should however be seen as a hostile force.

I do not say this only because I am of Jewish blood. I say this because I do not want stupid historical mistakes repeated. Nazism was a colossal stupidity that brought ruin to Germany and horrendous destruction to many other countries. There is no reason to bring back this stupidity. It is something that should be completely left in the past.

The most worrying situation about this is that not everyone I've known who bought into Holocaust revisionism was an obvious bastard or an obvious idiot. I know an intelligent and conscientious person who bought into it, and that means that it is something that can no longer be ignored. Instead it should be confronted, and people be alerted of just how wrong it is.

To people involved in Holocaust revisionism who aren't jerks: Cut your losses. Do something better with yourselves. Join a church, volunteer, start a family. Do something that matters. If you are not German, stop committing treason against your country. And if you are German, work to actually benefit your country instead of trying to bring back its darkest era.

To people involved in Holocaust revisionism who are jerks, I do not have any advice. The best way to deal with jerks is to steer others away from them. German people do not need to listen to the biggest jerks in their country, much less so the American or English or Russian people. What I do have to say to these jerks is this: I am on to you. As should be many, many others.


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