Friday, July 14, 2017

Bringing Sanity To Treatment Of Abuse

There needs to be a sane way to handle the issue of abuse. If abuse, as someone once told me, was doing or saying anything that somebody else does not want, then I don't know a single person in the world who is not an abuser.

Right now, the issue is dealt with in a completely insane way. One man would go to jail for “beating up [his] wife's fist with [his] face.” Another man would break his wife's skull so badly that she needs 40 stitches and walk away with the child. One man would go to jail and lose everything he has for talking to a 16-year-old. Another man would rape his daughter every day since she was 4 and get away with it.

Particularly insane is the treatment of incest and pedophilia. Everyone howls for the blood of a man who goes for other people's children; but most people who keep it within the family get away with it. In fact incest is more damaging than pedophilia, and it hurts the children much more.

There needs to be a sane criterion to decide what abuse is and what it isn't. Nobody should go to jail for an argument. Nobody should get away with breaking his wife's skull. Nobody should be facing slander and defamation from a woman whom he has supported for four years and whose worldview and concerns he has adopted as his own. Nobody should get away with battering, slandering and leeching off of a woman for as many years.

In my experience, the women who actually get abused are good people and do not try to get justice for the abuse that they have suffered. Most women who do are not good people. In most of the latter situations, either the woman was not abused or she underwent only minor violations. The better women are more likely to undergo actual abuse and less likely to seek justice for it. The women who are more likely to go after a man in that way are less likely to actually be abused.

We also see on this matter another kind of hypocrisy. The women who are actually being abused get blamed for it and are seen as losers, as fools or as bringing it on through negativity in their consciousness. Whereas when a woman who has not been abused for real comes forth howling bloody murder, she gets treated with roses. This is a complete and horrendous injustice. This kind of thing discredits everyone who has anything to do with the matter, both the women and the men. Usually the woman who pulls the second trick has complete contempt for the women in the first situation. She has no right to such contempt; they are much better people than is she.

In short, the people who are actually being abused are least likely to correct the wrongdoing that they are suffering, whereas most people who come forth howling abuse are lying. And in a situation with which I am presently familiar, a woman who actually got abused has been facing all sorts of viciousness for trying to address the matter. People have been calling her such things as a fraud and a liar. She is neither. The people calling her such things are both.

We are dealing therefore with horrendous injustice and horrendous hypocrisy. The women who are actually being abused not only do not get justice for it but are treated as less than human. Whereas the women who do come forth are typically lying. The result is the worse women having it better than the better women. Then these worse women lord it over their betters and teach them to be as bad the people as they are themselves.

That is not only bad for the women. It is bad for the world – and, yes, ultimately also bad for men. The women are taught that being a jerk pays. This results in women being terrible to their husbands. And that leads men to lose everything they have for talking to a 16-year-old or going away to jail for “beating up [his] wife's fist with [his] face.”

There needs to be a sane way to handle this issue. There needs to be a valid criterion as to what should be criminal and what shouldn't. Right now, the way this issue is handled is completely crazy. The worst women get to do completely wrong things, and the better women suffer serious violence. It is time that this injustice be solved.


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