Monday, July 31, 2017

Misogyny And Donald Trump

For a long time it has been fashionable to throw around – frequently inappropriately – terms such as misogynist, sociopath and narcissist. This has been the act of crying wolf; and people who cry wolf do not become credible when a real wolf appears. So that now, when a woman comes forth to attempt to redress real wrongs done against her, she is no longer believed.

One person who has been portrayed this way is Donald Trump. I do not regard Mr. Trump to be a misogynist. A misogynist is someone who hates women. Mr. Trump appears to love his wife and his daughter. I have however known real misogynists.

One of these was a man on the Internet who called himself Ray Gordon. This person started out as a “nice guy” befriending and counseling young women, only to see them pass him over for relationships to be with men he saw as being jerks. He started out with goodwill toward women and ended up with very strong ill will toward women. He made a whole philosophy about how women are stupid and evil, and how men should play them. Here was a real misogynist: Someone who actually hated women. He was not born that way; he became that way as a result of his experiences.

Now I have also been called a misogynist, and my response to that is twofold. One, as I said above, crying wolf discredits you when a real wolf appears. And secondly, if you are foolish enough to see me as a misogynist, then you have no chance of winning anything at all.

What we see here is a trick very similar to one played before by Joseph Stalin. He claimed to be the leader of the people, and he claimed his enemies to be enemies of the people. With militant feminism, we see these women claiming to be the leaders of women. Nobody has voted for them to do so. Nobody has justified them in this colossal usurpation of power. So that whenever they see somebody disagreeing with their party line, that person becomes the enemy of women as such – that is a misogynist.

We see here two very wrongful behaviors. One is that of usurpation of power. And the other is that of crying wolf.

Is Donald Trump a misogynist? I do not think so. Once again, he appears to be loving enough to his wife and his daughter. He does appear to have some “traditional” attitudes as to who should be the boss, but then again so do most people around the world, both men and women. In case of Mr. Trump there are obviously other issues involved. If you have built a $9 billion empire and become President of America without any political experience, then it is justifiable that you should see yourself as worthy of being the boss, regardless of whether you are dealing with men or women.

Indeed Mr. Trump and his family stand to exert a positive effect on American culture. Both his wife and his daughter are smart and elegant at the same time. Most feminist-influenced American women are neither. These women stand to provide an example of better womanhood to their American sisters. And that stands to be highly beneficial for the United States.

He also stands to exert positive effect on American culture in another significant way. He has commissioned beautiful buildings and beautiful machinery. He may influence America's architects and designers to produce beautiful architecture and technology such as what existed in 1920s. And that may be the seed of a cultural renaissance that would make America beautiful again.

In short, Donald Trump may very well be what the doctor has ordered. He stands to be beneficial to American culture. His wife and his daughter stand to improve American womanhood, and his good taste stands to improve the look of what is produced. And that may very well be what America needs at this time.


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