Monday, July 24, 2017

Why God Does Not Want To Be Known

In economics there is a concept that, once a pattern is recognized, it ceases to exist. The reason is that people cash in on the pattern and make it to disappear.

There appears to be a similar dynamic with God. Whenever people think that they have God figured out, God would throw a curve ball. It appears that God does not want to be known. The reason for that appears to be that, when people think that they have God figured out, they themselves want to become God. They of course do a lousy job of it. Whether it be Genghis Khan or Stalin or Kim Il Sung or anyone else, the person who tries to be God fails miserably and ends up doing all sorts of stupid things. That is because they are not God.

Alexander Pushkin, the greatest of Russian poets, had a poem about a fisherman. God asked the man what he wanted; and every day the man kept asking for more. God kept obliging until the man wanted to become God. At that point God took away everything that He had given the man and left him back as a fisherman.

There appears to be a good reason for such a thing. Whenever people find something out, they try to replicate it. By this logic it would follow that, if people were to understand God, they would attempt to construct another God. That of course may not sit well with God. So that is where we find ourselves now.

Now there are any number of people who see things such as genetic modification to be “playing God”; but most of these people are hypocrites. They see nothing wrong with destroying what they believe God to have created and everything wrong with creating something new. This is a very wrongful mentality. It is a mentality that accepts destructive potentials but suspects creative potentials. And the outcome of that mentality is humanity becoming completely destructive while failing to avail of the creative potentials that it has.

Once again, I see nothing wrong with finding out how living things work and even creating new ones. But when we try to understand God, the wrongful potentials are twofold. One is that of people acquiring over other people and over the world godlike powers and using them for all sorts of wrongdoing. And the other is that of people creating another God to compete with this one.

In the Transformers, there is the battle between two super-powerful robots: Optimus Prime and Magatron. If people were to create another God, the competition between the existing God and the created God would be far greater than anything in Transformers. We would see a situation that would make the Matrix scenario look like a walk in the park. So needless to say, it very much does appear that God does not want to be known to human intelligence, and for what seems to be a very good reason.

That does not however mean that God leaves us in the lurch. Solomon asked God for wisdom, and God obliged. But even more viable path is faith. Wisdom can be apprehended and used for wrong things, which means that God will not reveal all of it to us. Whereas faith is reliance on wisdom of God, and that cannot be used for wrong. So God will then give people the gift of faith and direct them according to His wisdom, which will in all cases be greater than ours.

Thus the method that many people associate with ignorance and stupidity – faith – in fact becomes the smartest path that is there. And it is a path that, unlike either knowledge or wisdom, cannot be used for wrong.


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