Saturday, July 22, 2017

False Gods And False Satans

For a long time, political correctness had any number of people believe that the Western civilization was the root of all wrongs done against women. Then the Muslims invaded, and that claim could no longer be credibly made, as the Muslims are worse by standards of feminism than any place in the West. So now these people are having to decide whether to look like complete idiots and traitors and side with Muslims, or to admit their error and side with their own countries in which they have enough rights to make their ridiculous claims.

The politically correct created a false Satan. They decided that there was a single root of evil. Of course they were wrong. But also wrong had been the people who made the Western civilization their god. When you create a false god, it is only a time before somebody comes along and instead calls him Satan. False gods and false Satans create one another.

We see this with just about everything that is out there. Government. Corporate system. Men. Women. Jews. Reason. Faith. Feelings. Ego. Soul. Science. Capitalism. Whatever may be one's interests, if one is clever enough he could make it look like the definition of good. Then someone whose interests do not correspond with his own will then come along and say that it is the definition of evil.

Both will be dead wrong.

The Western civilization is neither God nor Satan. Neither is anything else listed above. All of these can have both positive and negative outcomes, usually a mix. Neither business nor labor are good or bad; both are capable of both. Neither men nor women are good or bad; both are capable of both. Neither government nor private sector are good or bad; both are capable of both. Same most certainly is the case for the Western civilization. Anything human can be good or bad. That is because anything capable of choice can choose to be good or bad, and is in just about all cases a mix of both.

So these people created a false Satan, and they are being met with a real-life refutation that they cannot deny. Muslims are more misogynistic than even the Western conservatives. A much uglier Satan is staring them straight in the face. They can no longer fool people as easily. Then these Muslim dudes come to places like Sydney and Oslo and gang-rape young women and teach young men in bad neighborhoods to be even worse to women than they had been before. So they have a choice: Either continue with their ever-more-obviously ridiculous standpoint, or recognize what is patently obvious and correct the bullshit that they are teaching the kids.

Are these people the only ones who pull tricks of this kind? Absolutely not. It is fashionable in many places to see the corporate mindset as “reality” and anyone who is not a part of it as not living in the real world. Now the corporate world is real enough; but it is ridiculous to say that it is reality. The Sun is reality. Planet Earth is reality. China and India are reality. The rainforest is reality. Corporate mindset is not reality, it is a mindset. You do not leave “reality” or “real world” when you think in other ways than how it wants you to think. What you are doing instead is acquiring a more complete view of reality. Then, if you go back to the corporate world, you do so with a more informed understanding of the world; and if you do not, you still have a more complete understanding of reality than you did when you were in it.

So now we see the corporate mindset being elevated to being a God; and – surprise surprise – what do we see is a rise in socialist agitation, where the corporate world is being painted as Satan. Once again, if you create a false God, it is only a matter of time before someone comes along and inverts it and says that it is Satan. The correct solution is to call things by their proper name. The corporate world, the government, the Western civilization, and anything else listed above, is neither Satan nor God. They are human phenomena which, like all human phenomena, can be good, evil, or a mix.

So Hobbes, then Communists, stated as much as that the state was God. Then the libertarians, anarchists and some conservatives stated instead that it is Satan. It is neither of the above. The state consists of people. So do all sorts of private entities. There is no reason to expect people within the state and people outside the state to be better or worse than one another. Governments can be good and governments can be bad. Private power can be good and private power can be bad. In Western democracies, where governments are elected, official, accountable, checked and balanced, while entities like Texas Oil and the Church of Scientology are not, there is adequate scrutiny of the government and not adequate scrutiny of private entities, allowing these private entities to get away with abuses that are not allowed the federal government.

With ego, we see some people seeing it as the source of all evil and others as the fountainhead of progress. Some people worship genius or risk-taking or love and others name such things narcissism. Some people worship the mind and others say that reason is cold or immoral. Some people say that unconditional obedience to whatever any given society wants is the definition of good and others say that any kind of conformity is evil. False gods beget false satans. In fact no human phenomenon deserves either deification or demonization. Everything listed above, and more, can go right or wrong.

So it is time that these fallacies be seen through. No human phenomenon is God. No human phenomenon is Satan. Call things by their proper names. Anything human can go right or wrong. And that is as much the case for the Western civilization as it is for all other things listed above.


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