Saturday, March 28, 2015


I don't usually write about my life, because I do not find it interesting enough to write about. Most of what I write is thoughts on political and social issues. But this experience has been both interesting and instructive, and I am sure that it would be viewed as such by others.

I first ran into D. at a pub. He looked haggard but intelligent. I told him about the court case involving my ex-wife and her son, and he promised to help her out. She offered him accommodations in her place; then she offered him accommodations at the house of her husbanmother. At first, he acted nicely. Then things began to change.

He tried to set the mother of my ex-wife's husband against her husband, telling her that he was a terrible man. He then told my ex-wife that I was going to steal all his beer. Then he developed an obsession with her and her husband, and not in a good way.

He left many abusive messages on her phone, calling her a criminal and a piece of shit (she is neither). He kept threatening to put them in jail. He claimed that they were Mormons; that they were starving the children; and even that they were stealing his electricity. And that was just the start.

He threatened to sue the landlord when she said that he was in arrears. He would wake up at 6 in the morning and start talking. I would tell him, “D., I need to sleep.” He would accuse me of having a sleeping disease and would continue talking.

He had a friend staying over at the flats, and they would be drinking all day long. The friend would stay the night on the couch, which is against the policies of the landlord. When I told him about this, he flew into a rage, threatening to sue the landlord.

He smashed a glass table in the house, for which he did not even apologize. Instead he continued threatening to sue the landlord. Eventually his wife came here from Sydney, and it appears that they have gone back to Sydney.

I am very embarrassed for having misjudged this person's character and invited him into my life. I should have known better. It is his choice to be a jerk, and one for which I do not bear the slightest bit of responsibility. I do however have responsibility to choose whom I associate with. And in this case I simply made a bad choice.


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