Saturday, May 30, 2015

Inner Change and Outer Change

A long time ago, someone on the Internet said that society is hated by the arrogant. My response is that different societies are hated by different people and for different reasons; and that the same person who would love the society of San Francisco would hate the society of Waco or Kandahar.

I haven't hated all societies that I have encountered. I liked some and hated others. I have no problem at all with the society which I presently inhabit.

There are many who claim that geographic solutions are wrong, and that “wherever you go, there you are.” Sometimes however the geographic solutions are the rightful ones. In a huge world with many things going on, it should be possible for people to find the right fit. Certainly there are times when the inner change is more desirable than the outer change; but there are also times when it is the other way around.

I've done a lot of both, and I certainly am much happier now than I used to be when I was 20. I have done a lot of work on myself; I've also experienced widely different lifestyles. My advice to people who are unhappy with where they are is figure out in what setting they can be happiest and what being a part of such a setting requires of them. That being done, they can make the necessary inner and outer changes and find a happier placement.


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