Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jews and Family Values

Many of the people who claim to have family values are hateful toward the Jews. My response to them is that they don't know what they are talking about. The Jews are very family-oriented; and the worst thing in Jewish culture is not to take care of one's children. This as opposed to a prince that I met at a pub, who said that he was a “producer” because he “produced” eight children without taking care of them.

There are many people who see Jews as unethical; but they are more ethical than most people who want them killed. Jews take care of their children. Jews are very dedicated to family. And Jews do more to take care of their children than do many people who claim to have family values.

There are many things that people claiming to have family values stand to learn from the Jews. Jews are very family-oriented, and they do not need to use oppressive methods to maintain family cohesion. Instead the Jews go toward intelligence in their family life. And the result is children who are loyal and healthy at once.

There are many things that people around the world stand to learn from the Jews. The more this is done, the more righteousness is actually being realized. Jews are the best example of family values that the world knows. And the person who truly believes in family values will recognize this and respect the contribution of the Jews to family and to society as such.


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