Monday, July 06, 2015

Hostile Countries and Immigration

There has been some discussion about indesirability of accepting into America the people from countries that dislike America. This issue requires thought.

I ask this: Why would a person from France come to America? The French society – especially the French media – are highly critical of America. Which means that for a French person to come to America is to go against the public opinion in his country; and in order to do that such a person must really want the American way of life. Which means that such a person, if he were to come to America, would be very patriotic and committed to the country.

This, as opposed to say people from Nigeria, where the media and the public opinion are pro-American, where immigration to America is in line with what most people believe and where the person would not have to make great sacrifices or stand up to the people around him in order to do that.

With the Middle East, we see the potentials for both patriotism and animosity. There are many people from Middle East who hate it in Middle East and want America's liberties, opportunity and prosperity. These people would be expected to be highly patriotic. But in the same population there are also terrorists and radicals who hate America and want to infiltrate America in order to do evil. The solution is not banning immigration from Middle East, but recognizing who is who.

I come from Russian immigrants; and according to my father the Russian mafia finds it a lot easier to get into America than the regular people because of their connections. This is just wrong. Like the Islamic terrorists, the Russian mafia is up to no good; and there need to be strong mechanisms in place to keep them out.

The immigration system must be managed in a more intelligent manner. Just because a person is from France or from Middle East does not mean that the person will be destructive. Figure out who is up to what and then act accordingly. There are plenty of resources that one can use to do that.


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