Saturday, June 27, 2015

Jenny and the Radioactive Potato

During a family trip to Hiroshima, Jenny picked up a radioactive potato. “Throw this vile thing away,” her parents ordered her. She did not want to upset her parents; so she hid the radioactive potato.

Jenny thought, “People are afraid of this thing. Maybe kids won't pick as much on me any more if I take it to school with me.” So the next time other children were picking on her, she took out the radioactive potato, and they ran away screaming.

Now nobody bothered Jenny ever again.

Jenny knew about the dangers of radioactivity, and several years down the road she went to see a doctor about possible irradiation. The doctor took her blood sample, and he couldn't believe what he saw. Over the years Jenny's body had learned to deal with the radiation poisoning, and in her blood was the cure for cancer.

Keep your gifts, even if they come in the form of the radioactive potato. You never know what blessings they can bring.


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