Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pluto and Sun

The following is based on astrology; but it can be useful for people who do not believe in astrology. I will explain it using what's known of astronomy.

Pluto is a small planet on the outer edges of the solar system. In astrology, Pluto can be used to mean any number of different things, from higher choice and will to violation and hatred. This might appear contradictory to one another; but it in fact reflects the same principle. The same basic character can take any number of different directions. And with Pluto we see the potentials for both the best and the worst.

Being on the outer edges of the solar system, where it is extremely cold and extremely dark, and being picked on by other planets, Pluto may not be expected to have respect for other planets and indeed may have hatred for them. But it does respect the sun, because it revolves around it. The way to reach a Plutonian character is to reach out to it with the sun. Show it some sunshine, show it some warmth, and make it think as to what it is that makes such things possible.

In the Christian analysis, there are wolves and sheep. Plutonian character is equated with wolves. What is a dog? A domesticated wolf. Once reached out to with sunshine, and convinced of its truthfulness, Pluto stops being a wolf and becomes a dog. He is loyal to the sun. He will use all his strength and intelligence to support it.

Dealing with Plutonian character requires giving it a way into sunshine. It is reaching out to it with the truth of what makes life possible. This will result in the Plutonian character turning from a predator or a rebel into a loyal and dedicated citizen. The wolf becomes a dog. And the whole system benefits from this happening.


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