Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Governments and Libertarianism

Americans hate the government; yet their government is one of the most benign and non-obtrusive governments on the planet. The Chinese like the government; yet their government is far more controlling and invasive than anything that has ever existed on the American soil.

In the first case, the better entity gets attacked and vilified. In the second case, the worse entity is supported. This absurdity goes on because not enough people are noticing it. I just did.

The American government can only dream of constituents such as the Chinese, and Chinese people can only dream of a government like the American. In both cases, the better entity gets attacked and the worse entity gets elevated to power. American government is vastly superior to the Chinese government; yet it is attacked even in its positive outcomes while the Chinese government gets away with torture and murder.

One positive effect of an international flux is that it incentivizes both the populations and the governments in the world to be the best that they can be. When a Chinese person can move to America, that gives a reason for the Chinese government to behave properly. The more this is done, the more choices people have, the greater is the reason for political entities around the world to treat people right.

The attention of the American libertarian is much better spent on scrutinizing entities other than the American government. These entities include truly bad governments such as the Chinese; they also include violent husbands and fathers, suffocating communities, oppressive religions and corrupt networks in law and medicine. The American government is nowhere close to being the source of all evil. There are many much worse governments around the world; and there are many entities in America that are much worse than the American government.

A person truly interested in liberty will recognize this and act accordingly. American government is easy to attack; but it is nowhere close to being the worst government in the world or the worst entity in America. From the Chinese government to the Westboro Baptists, the person truly interested in liberty will have his hands full fighting real corruption and tyranny. As for the American government, if it was really bad, the libertarians would be in labor camps. That they are not shows that the American government is better than most governments, and also better than many other organizations on the American soil.


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