Saturday, July 25, 2015

Therapy and Love

When relationships form between men and women in such settings as group therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous, it is common to refer to the men as predators and to the women as the victims.

I have a much more level-headed explanation for this.

In a recent study, love was reproduced in lab settings by having men and women share intimate details about their lives. This is of course what goes on in group therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous; and such relationships will be inevitable. Neither party is at fault, and neither party is the victim of the other. The reason is simply the nature of the setting.

I once knew a woman who referred as “f*cking a**holes who deserve to die” to men who liked her when she was in a good shape but did not like her when she was fat. Yet she was attacking men who were in bad mental shape while going after men who she thought was in a good one. This is very hypocritical.

Most of the men in such settings are not predators. The feelings that they develop for the women are simply a result of the nature of the setting. The men aren't predators, and the women aren't victims. They are sharing intimate details of their lives; which leads them, by the mechanisms show in that study, to fall in love.


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