Friday, July 17, 2015

Do Right-Wingers Own American Patriotism?

As I watch the American political debate, I am wondering: Am I the only person who thinks it ridiculous for the right-wingers to claim that they are American patriots and that nobody else is?

I've known highly patriotic Democrats. These people have worked all their lives in service professions such as teachers and scientists and have done a lot to contribute to their country, frequently accepting much lesser pay than they were eligible for if they had gone into business or law. Then there is my boss, a successful entrepreneur who has spent a million dollars of his own money and a huge effort to build a nonpartisan political information site. He is a Democrat as well, and his dedication to America and its democratic system has motivated him to perform this act of generosity to his country.

Meanwhile on the Right we see exceptionally unpatriotic sentiments, such as not wanting to pay taxes and failing to accept the legitimacy of an elected President. We see treasonous actions, such as stealing the 2000 election. We see Westboro Baptists picketing soldiers' funerals; Paul Wyerich calling America a pagan country; and Pat Robertson saying that 9-11 was a result of God removing his protective umbrella over America because of all the liberals and the feminists in the country. These people are anti-American for real, and what they hate about America is its best aspect: The aspect of liberty.

Are there people on the Left who are anti-American? Well, there is Kurt Vonnegut. But most people who are into that are young people going through a phase, whereas Wyerich was - and Robertson and most Westboro Baptists are - advanced in years. What is forgivable to someone on account of his youth is not as readily forgivable to someone who knows what he is doing. And here we see true anti-Americanism being practiced by right-wingers even as they claim that America is their country and nobody else's.

It is time that the patriotic Democrats speak loud and clear and alert people of the service that they are providing for America. And it is time that the right-wingers no longer be able to get away with their lies. The right-wingers don't own American patriotism. And there are any number of patriotic Democrats who have done great service to their country and should be respected for it.


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