Thursday, July 23, 2015

Military and Peaceful Service

One explanation for the decline of the Roman Empire is that its citizens no longer became fit for military service, and that this lead the leadership of the Roman Empire to hire “barbarians” as mercenaries; who, when they were no longer paid as much as they wanted to be paid, sacked Rome.

America, although some on the Right compare it to the Roman Empire in its declining stages, does not have this problem. There are any number of capable military recruits in America, and that is especially the case with the country people and the ghetto.

The country cultures in America are both macho and patriotic, and these people will be both able and willing to serve. And the people in the ghetto face conditions of war already, meaning that they likewise will make excellent soldiers. And with the military's scholarships and incentives, these people will be able to rise out of the underclass and become successful and contributing citizens by serving in the military.

That some people in yuppie or metrosexual city cultures are not fit for military service means absolutely nothing. The American military is not at a shortage of capable recruits. The superiority of the volunteer army over the conscript army is that it is filled with people who are both capable of military service and willing to serve in the military. Whereas a conscript military is filled with people who aren't fit or willing to serve, which people make terrible soldiers and are harder to deal with than it's worth.

On this matter Germany has the best idea. In Germany, a young person can either choose to serve in the military or in peaceful service. That way, the military types get to go into the military, and others contribute in the way that they can. Yet in America, peaceful service is derided as “servitude” while military service is honored. This is simply wrong.

I, for one, would make a terrible soldier; but I am perfectly willing to serve America. America should have more opportunities for people to take part in peaceful service. AmeriCorps and Peace Corps are both excellent programs. And I hope that these programs spread their benefits to the American population, resulting in people who are willing to serve in peaceful capacities being able to benefit the country.


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